Professional Bio :

Sasikanth Manipatruni (B.Tech IIT Delhi’05, MS/PhD Cornell’10) is a physicist/technologist working to build the next generation of computing beyond Moore’s Law. He was the founding research director of Intel-FEINMAN center (Functional Electronics Integration and Manufacturing). He was also senior advisor to the CTO of Intel AI group. Earlier he worked at GE-Healthcare demonstrating the first optically readout 3 Tesla MRI. He received PhD from Cornell working with Prof. Michal Lipson in silicon photonics where he demonstrated world’s first >18 Gbit/s ultra-fast silicon electro-optic switches, opto-mechanical non-reciprocity and synchronization of opto-mechanical systems.  Before Cornell, he graduated from IIT-Delhi at the top of the EE class. He built 1st industrially adopted spintronic/quantum SPICE software. For this work, he was awarded the IEEE/ACM under 40 innovator award at DAC’17, Mahboob Khan outstanding liaison award ‘16, Minnesota CSPIN outstanding industry liaison award ‘16, and serves on several industry panels for research selection including the council on competitiveness. His work is published in Nature, Science, Nature Physics and is cited ~3800 times. He holds ~ 200 granted/applied patents in spin/photonics/MEMS/CAD/AI/QC. He coaches middle/high school students for USA-PHO physics olympiads.


Personal bio:

I was born in the beautiful east coastal region of India. I attended a boarding school called Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in Vizianagaram, which stood on a hill lock exposed to Bay of Bengal. I had a natural inclination and knack to explain things from childhood which led me to do a number of science exhibitions across India. I was a very fortunate highschooler who also got a chance to work at the Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc) as an 11th grader through the national science fellowship. 


I draw my scientific lineage to great educators and mentors to date, viz. Dr. Dinesh Kurup, Prof. Ajoy Ghatak, Prof. K. Thyagarajan, Prof. Michal Lipson, prof. Ramesh Ramamoorthy and Dr. Ian Young at Intel.


I am an entrepreneur by nature and a teacher by instinct. I have been working for >5 years with middle and high schoolers identifying and nurturing physicists. Most of them have gone on to Cambridge, Princeton, and Stanford, as well as turned into excellent scientists. 


I dabble in Telugu Poetry here.

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